2020 Regional Entry Process
MHSAA Cross Country

MHSAA Regional Entry Information

  • For attending teams, please watch this video: Movie showing you how to sign up, add kids to your roster, confirm your results!
  • In 2020 MichiganCrossCountry.com will again assist the MHSAA with regional meet entries (overview video)
  • We will have created all regional meets on athletic.net and placed the respective meets on the calendars of each team.
  • Most, but not all, regional hosts will use athletic.net as the entry method. Some will use another site/method, so be sure to watch for directions from your host.
  • Each program participating in regional competition using athletic.net this year MUST CREATE A USER ACCOUNT (FREE) AT ATHLETIC.NET (Michigan link, find your school link to sign up :: video instructions)
  • Each program participating in regional competition this year MUST UPLOAD A ROSTER (video instructions)
  • Each program participating in regional competition this year MUST ENTER 7-9 (see specific meet instructions for information on number to enter at each site) ATHLETES IN THE REGIONAL MEET (video instructions). You may then run any seven of the nine declared athletes. If you wish to substitute in another runner from your eligibility list that is not in the nine declared, you must see your regional host when you check in to make an official substitution.
  • We will assist any regional host who needs help with obtaining a download of entries.
  • Each regional host will have the OPTION OF USING ANY MEET MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE THEY CHOOSE IN 2020 including:

Unfortunately we are unable to support regional hosts with entries into Sydex (registered Trademark of Sydex LLC) Cross Country Software as they made their entry system encoded as of 2011. So regional meets using Sydex (TM) will have to handle entries themselves in one of several ways:

  • sign-up to host a meet here, Sydex Meet Hosting
    And your school will need to then use and pay for the Sydex entry process.. Regional hosts will not be reimbursed for the cost of a Sydex license, nor for the cost of use of the Sydex on-line entry system.
  • receive our excel file with the rosters and manually enter them in Sydex (there are usually only 70-120 competitors in a regional meet)

Two hours after the last race at each regional the meet host must provide MichiganCrossCountry.com with an electronic copy of your results. It may be in any single line (one athlete per line) with a single element of data in each column format. While there are preferred formats, we can accept almost any format that has individual placements and team scores.

  • We will post results as rapidly as possible on Friday night and Saturday afternoon and evening.
  • Preliminary lists of qualifiers will be visible on the MHSAA LP Final Meets on Athletic.net immediately.
  • We will provide the MHSAA with a preliminary list of both individual and team state qualifiers not later than Sunday at 5:00 p.m.
  • We will provide the MHSAA with a final list of individual and team state qualifiers not later than Monday at 7:00 p.m.
  • All results, preliminary and final qualifier lists will be published on-line at MHSAA.com.
  • Email Questions To: results at michigancrosscountry dot com

Teams with less than seven finishers at a regional meet who qualify as a team may fill their roster with additional runners up to seven. Teams with seven finishers at a regional meet who qualify as a team may substitute a different runner from their master eligibility list for any runner who ran at the regional meet. You may also correct grade or spelling errors as necessary. Please see the MHSAA cross country finals page for the correct link to make such corrections.

There are, of course, no substitutions for individual qualifiers in the LP Finals.