Running on the road: Check out the Picture!
Running on the road
For four seasons Harper Creek has been forced to play the role of visitor in track

Nick Buckley • The Enquirer • May 8, 2009
If you’re looking for the Harper Creek boys’ and girls’ track teams, then hit the road.

Chances are the Beavers are off competing as visitors at a meet, or scattered around town preparing for their various events.

They’re certainly not at home, since both squads have been displaced this season with renovations occurring at the football field and track. Although it’s nothing new for Harper Creek — which hasn’t hosted a meet in over four seasons due to poor track conditions — each squad has found a way to make the best of it.

“We feel we can work hard wherever we are, we can run hard wherever we are and we can have fun wherever we are,” said Harper Creek girls’ coach Dennis Anthony. “And that’s our philosophy whether we have a track or not. So we try not to let that bother us.”

The old Harper Creek track wasn’t safe enough to hold meets.

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