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Nicole Bush recovering from fracture at USA meet
by Steve Ungrey | The Grand Rapids Press
Friday July 03, 2009, 9:00 AM

Nicole Bush raced stride-for-stride with the leaders during last week’s 3,000-meter steeplechase, a race she had run dozens of times before.

She was competing in the USA Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Ore. Bush kept a fast pace in her lane and made the leaps over the regular barriers with no problems.

Then came the water barrier, which the former standout at Kelloggsville and Michigan State had jumped over so many times she had it memorized.

There was one problem. Someone hadn’t properly set the height.

After a few days to gather her thoughts and face a recovery period, Bush reflected on the fateful race and what it would mean to her future on a national and world level.

Bush said she thought something felt odd when she leaped over the water barrier, one of five barriers (one water and four regular) placed on the steeplechase course.

“I just knew something was wrong,” Bush said. “Something seemed odd but I just didn’t put my finger on it. My right ankle gave out and it caused me to fall.”

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