Milan’s Jordan Tomecek is ahead of the pack –
Milan’s Jordan Tomecek is ahead of the pack

Rich Rezler |, October 29, 2009 9:39 p.m.
At a slender 5-foot-6, Jordan Tomecek may appear to be created from the ideal distance runner’s mold. Upon closer inspection, doctors disagreed.

The Milan High School senior who has no arch in her feet still cruised to a Division 2 state individual state title last October. She’d later finish ninth at a Foot Locker Cross Country regional meet and 22nd at the national race.

Maybe an analogy of a touring bicycle running on flat tires is a little strong, but Tomecek’s foot issues did nearly end her stellar high school cross country and track career before it began.

“The doctors told me that the rest of my body may be made for running, but my feet are definitely not made for running,” Tomecek says.

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