I have coached for over ten years at the middle school and then the high school level the past six years. Our programs were non-producing when I started and now they are at the state meet and competitive every year. I ran for Ron Warhurst at UM and Joe Piane at Notre Dame. I am well acquainted with Bill Lundberg (late 70’s KU) now Hillsdale College, Greg Meyer (graduate of the high school where I coach and last winner of the Boston Marathon) and Brian Diemer (Calvin, 84 LA Bronze and former Olympic Team Captain) and many others active in college coaching.

My athletes are just now beginning to transfer to the college level. For example Monica Kinney (now GVSU) is running today in the finals of the USTAF Jr 1500m. We have a dozen kids moving on to the college ranks between last year and this year. Our philosophy in high school has been to consciously under-train compared to high mileage programs around us that are successful but also burn out their athletes.

I really dig meet management and work regularly on making it fully automated and available on-line both for entry and for results.

I am very interested in coaching at the college level, but would only consider doing so at one of my dream institutions — and Kansas is one of only a handful of places I would want to be. I love Lawrence. I have been in love with Kansas since the days of Jim Ryan. I have been heavily influenced by your traditions … in fact see the picture of my girl finishing fourth at the state meet last October:


Busy scene, but I bet you found her. I tried so hard to find pink shorts six years ago when I started coaching. At that time they were hard to come by, so I eventually had polka dotted jerseys made … I want my kids to stand out. I am proud of the fact they are recognizable as were generations of KU runners. In big meets today we were both the polka dots and our pink shorts.

Anyway, I’d love nothing more than to discuss with you what I can bring to the table for you guys and then to see if we could work out the necessary details. I understand I am not your traditional applicant. If you take the time you’ll discover I bring much more to the table than might your typical applicant.

It goes without saying that I would do so with the highest level of integrity and amazing quantities of energy.

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