Jerry Sheppard of Frankenmuth writes of a former student touching his dream:

Brent Grunow is a 1999 Frankenmuth graduate and an ex-track kid that gave up his phenomenal talents as a runner his senior year to pursue music.  I wanted to choke him.  At the time I thought, "He'll never sing as well as he runs."  With great pride, I was once again...WRONG!  His thought:  When will man realize that mother nature creates enough destruction, that WE need not contribute.  As Brent's father states below, it is quite powerful.  He is the lead singer and you can see his origional video(s) if you search youtube for Brent James and the Contraband.


Coach Shep

Go to  and check out his new video.  It is moment of silence pictorial, dedicated to the red cross.  It is very powerful.  Please pass along to all your friends.  Thanks, Bob.

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