How do you win league title after league title in girls’ cross country? Let’s go to the expert in the field, Katie Jazwinski. Her credentials in just four years as head coach include leading the Dreadnaughts to four consecutive league championships and regional titles in 2006, 2007 and 2008 – so, yeah, you can call her an expert.

“We focus on bringing positive energy to every practice and every meet,” she says. “We look to leave it on the course each and every time we are out there. We will look at running well at the Jackson and Portage Invitational. We will watch out for Chelsea at the SEC Championships on Oct. 21 and then try to make it out of our very tough regional on Oct. 30.

“There will be five really good teams there with us being one of them. Two teams will be staying home from the state meet and hopefully it’s not us.”

Dexter girls’ CC reload for 2010 – Sports – Heritage.

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