Three minutes from now … wondering if the announcers got the information … don’t seem to be saying a whole lot … did we waste our time?

Stacks leading … nice lead at 1K 10 meters on a pack of six.

At mile:
fifteen ahead of a pack
Brown City Proctor

Spencer Nousien Concord — so 1-3 for concord

4 in top 25 for concord

Stacks at 1.25
Nousien up to 2nd now
Victor southfile in 3rd
Proctor also 3rd (it’s raff what can we say)
Hesperia in top ten
nice racing up front

5 in top fifty of concord – will be competitive

D3 girls results posted — D4 Girls results are official … anybody with a phone?


Still Stacks
Potterville defending Champion

Lead runners in stadium, stack still in lead …

2nd/3rd Battle

100 Meter lead for stacks in middle of final curve.

Stacks on straight of way now …

15:00 now

Headwind for all …

Spencer Nousain is in 2nd now on the straight … you can hear the crowd noise.

Ben Wynsma in third

Stacks done
Nousien 2nd
Proctor in 4th

Jeffrey Board Greenhills
Ethan Saugatuck still in top 10

victor Allen Southfield Christian

Mark Hawkride of bridgeman

Tanis of Hudson

Kelly of Saugatuck

Vandefer of Blanchard

Smith of Pittsburgh

Terry Mendon

Zinger Evart

Damien of Reading

Potter N. Muskegon


Buckla Genesee

Davis Holton

Miller Concord

Vance of Sarancak
Ottawa Lake Perry

Houston TC

Logan Hammer Evart

Fuller Belleview

Campbell of Colon

Cline of Ottawa Lake

Nichols Evart

Roseville Michigan Collegiate etc…

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