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City League ‘reunion’ meet not just OK — it’s great
by Jane Bos | The Grand Rapids Press
Sunday May 03, 2009, 12:30 AM

GRAND RAPIDS — Dick Pindar hunkered down, patted the shiny bleachers at Eagle Stadium and shook his head.

No, this was not storied Houseman Field; this was not the site of track and field in the City League since 1935.

But with the nearly century-old league disbanding a year ago, having the seven former member schools gathered for a reunion meet anywhere was just fine.

“I’m an old goat and used to Houseman,” said Pindar, 78, who was a half-miler and miler at Union. “I have watched my kids and grandkids run in the City League, too. It’s good these schools could get together again.”

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