Accident can’t sideline Rogers cross country coach –
Accident can’t sideline Rogers cross country coach
by Jane Bos | The Grand Rapids Press
Sunday September 13, 2009, 12:30 AM
Octavian Cantilli | The Grand Rapids PressJoslyn Rodgers, right, who broke her tibia in an accident this summer, still coaches the Rogers cross country team. She cheers on, from left, Sam Billin and Lea Johnson during a recent practice.

WYOMING — Balancing on her right let, Joslyn Rodgers leaned on her crutches and bent over, picking up a few stray chocolate and cherry Tootsie Pop suckers and tucking them back inside the box.

Then she tried to pick up the industrial-sized package.

Whoa. The treats are appreciated and appropriate for Tootsie Pop Tuesday practices. But come on. There’s only so much a person with nine screws in her leg can do while wearing a stabilizing cast and recovering from a broken clavicle.

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