We have collected information from coaches about their teams and athletes that may assist announcers and also may help the media. Coaches talk about their team’s accomplishments and there are some real interesting tid-bids that may help you.

We will update another copy of this later today with additional teams, but 54 teams have responded thus far.

The document is sorted by division, then by gender, then by school.

So to find a school first look under the proper division and gender.

Here is the download link for the updated List:
Updated 2009 MIS Teams and Individual Info – 4th Edition – 96 Teams Reporting

It is in microsoft excel (xls) format so that you can resort the data any way you wish.
Private information (phone and email) may be used to contact coaches, but of course should not be recirculated. All other information was given with the intent that it may be freely used.

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