Race is underway … Duane Raffin is broadcasting at the one mile mark.

Terrible broadcast quality … keep hearing Palinkas leading.

Going to two mile mark,

Lindsey Neal 4th, Bridgett Bennett 1st, Nicole Worster in 3rd and Palinkas in 2nd

At the two mile mark it’s mostly static … in this day and age there is a better.

11:45 Bennett

Palinkas 3rd.

Static in 2nd and 4th.

16:38 Lindsey Neal 2nd Place?? … must be at three?
Wooster Homer 3rd

Harbor Springs girl finishing
Crandall Beal City
Abraham of Manton
Maggie Cole??

Pretty worthless feed.

Just calling names with no places. With FAT Chip Timing the MHSAA can do better.

Here a Hudsonville Freedom Baptist.

Did I just hear Lane Duckworth’s name?

Bill Khan’s Updating Feed

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