The MHSAA has released the official “additional qualifying standards” sheet for the 2008 Regional and State Meets. Unfortunately the MHSAA uses Microsoft Document format and some people do not have that available. We have reproduced a copy in Adobe PDF format for your convenience.

2008 Additional Qualifying Standards for Track Regional and State Meets

Each team is permitted to enter three athletes in each event for a regional regardless of times — in fact you need not have run the event prior to the regional. You will need to then scratch one prior to the scratch deadline.

If you have more than two qualifiers based on time, they may all be entered and run, but each and every athlete must have hit that standard to exceed three entries or to exceed two participants at the meet. You cannot enter three without a qualifying time and then try to add a fourth because that person meets the time standard. You cannot run three because two hit the qualifying time. The only way to exceed two participants is if every one of them hit the additional qualifying standard.

From regional meets, the top two finishers automatically qualify for the state meet, plus each additional finisher who meets the time standard.

To read the standards, the top sheet is for regionals, and page two is for the state meet. It also shows the starting heights and raise standards for the pole vault and high jump.

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